Curtis's Duet with Kimberly Caldwell Now Released to Radio

Sooner Or Later, Curtis's captivating duet featuring Kimberly Caldwell, has now been released to radio worldwide.  Kim, a noted TV Personality and American Idol Season 2 Finalist,  lends her distinctive voice to compliment Curtis's.  The storyline is about two friends…Read more

Living on Sunshine now released to radio

The latest Curtis Braly single, Living on Sunshine, is going out to radio stations nationwide on June 1st.

The opening verse lyrically sets the scene:

"Top down, cruising down the highway. Feet out the window & a CD spinningRead more

It's Here

After weeks of anticipation, "Doors Closing Everywhere" is now available everywhere.  Find it on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play Store and radio stations all around the country.

Finishing Touches...

Curtis is working on the finishing touches for his upcoming album. Stay tuned for the album name and track listing release, and be watching for the first single soon to be released to radio, "Doors Closing Everywhere"